Everything you need to know

My style of photography is both casual and natural, as I feel the best images are taken when your family is less aware of the camera. In this way I capture more natural moments between you instead of directing your every move.

Because kids are kids, I may ask for parents to step aside and out of view. This is to ensure the best, most natural images possible since children have a tendency to react differently when parents hanging about telling them what to do.

As far as clothing, keep it simple. Earthy, neutral colours work so well in both inhome sessions and outdoors. That being said I REALLY want you to be yourselves, and dress how you love to dress. I recommend to avoid bright or fluro colours, it clashes so easily and leaves undesirable colour casts on skin tones, especially reds!

Try to avoid heavy logo or branded clothing as this will date. 

Our sessions are relaxed and comfortable, so make sure you feel comfortable with what clothing you bring. 

I absolutely love clothing that has movement, so I suggest to avoid clingy and fitted and think flowy, this adds so much depth and dimension to your images.

While I do not use props Im absolutely open to chat if you have something special you would like to incorporate such as a teddy passed down throught the generations etc.

All your images will go through an editing process, where I will fine tune all of your precious memories and add my artistic flair. Please note my editing is limited to colour corrections and minor blemish removal. I want you to embrace this moment in time!

Im hopeful you have selected me to be your photographer because you have been drawn to the connections and emotions displayed in my work. You may be thinking "oh im so awkward i wont look like that" or "my husband does'nt like to show much affection, we wont look like that" please know that during the process of your session I will be there to guide you, unwrap you and give you guys the space to feel comfortable to be yourselves. Iv spent many years learning how to make this happen naturally HOWEVER my tricks only work if you are open minded and willing to trust me. So please keep this in mind and enjoy every moment. The joy, the laughter, the little snuggles, the promises made for tomorrow. This is so much more than a photography session and I can't wait to share this experience with you.